Stephen Kiernan. The coach who helps small teams do Big things


Stephen Kiernan is an Author and Speaker from Dublin, Ireland.

'With a deep curiosity as to how some people achieve greatly while others fall short of their given potential. I set out to find answers by interviewing over 60 ordinary people who have achieved extraordinary things. The results can be found in My debut book 'Brilliant Mondays'.

I’ll now invite you to explore my site. I particularly encourage you to learn a little more about my:


'Brilliant Mondays - How ordinary people achieve extraordinary things'

Corporate Workshops

1. The Brilliant Mondays Workshop:
Vision - Planning & Strategy - Resilience - Continuous Improvement

2. The Kaizen Zone Workshop:
Continuous Improvement

TY Workshop

The Brilliant Mondays Transition Year  Workshop

Stephen giving a light-hearted Induction talk to new students at the Athlone Institute of Technology

Resilience - The Story of Nando Parrado. A short film created and narrated by Stephen.

Brilliant Mondays