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Learn how ordinary people achieve extraordinary things


Vision – Planning & Strategy – Resilience – Continuous Improvement



At 16, Stephen Kiernan had the job of his dreams. He enjoyed it so much that Mondays were his favourite day of the week. At 18, however, a broken leg ended all hope of him continuing a career in football and forced him to join the ranks of the many who work in positions that don’t bring them much joy or reveal any of their potential. However, ‘Brilliant Mondays’ were something he couldn’t forget, and to live any other way seemed like madness.



To find his way back to ‘Brilliant Mondays’, Stephen has interviewed over 60 ordinary people who have achieved extraordinary things. He has asked each of them the same seven questions in an effort to figure out what they share in common.


Having successfully identified the common denominators, Stephen has structured this book in an easy to follow format that provides a roadmap to anyone who wants to achieve extraordinary things, fulfill their potential, and enjoy ‘Brilliant Mondays’.


Each of the 12 chapters is devoted to one of the interviewees. It shares the story of a pivotal moment or experience that helped shape who they are and what they have achieved - followed by their answers to his seven questions.


This insightful and inspiring book is capable of convincing even the most skeptical of individuals that ordinary people are capable of achieving extraordinary things, and that having ‘Brilliant Mondays’ should be the norm for us all.

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