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“We invited Stephen for our Senior LT Kick Off Meeting 2020. Stephen brought us an inspirational keynote which really fitted in well in our organization’s journey.  Stephen inspired us with his great real-life stories of how people can achieve more than they ever thought they could.  He encouraged us on how we can all motivate ourselves by setting small, achievable goals for ourselves.  I would highly recommend Stephen as a speaker!  He prepared his talk tailor-made for our organization and is a real pleasure to listen to!

Many thanks again Stephen!  We’ll keep in touch!”


Carla De Schepper – (Head of HR Animalcare Group)


Hi Stephen

"Just a note to say thank you so much for all the preparation you put into tweaking your talk to suit our two hour session today and to seamlessly link it to our business here and there, but mainly for inspiring everyone on a personal level which was the absolute goal of this afternoon. The feedback I’ve had so far has been fantastic and genuinely everyone seemed extremely buzzed up and motivated after your talk!

I’m sure I’ll hear much more over the next few days but as I don’t work Friday, I wanted to share one or two messages that came through this evening with you:"


"I thought the talk Stephen delivered was really insightful, delivered with simplicity, loved the story telling it brought the Vision, planning strategy, resilience and continuous improvement to life! It definitely motivated me to harness my energy in the right direction, eager now to put it all into practice!! Looking forward to some Brilliant Mondays." 

"I got so much out of the motivation speaker Stephen. It really made me rethink why we do what we do and also that we have such amazing brands and amazing people around us. Love the Tribe name also. It is true what he said teamwork gets you places quicker than flying solo. 2020 let’s be having you."


Natasha Smyth – (Commercial Coordinator L’Oreal Division Ireland)

"Thanks Stephen. We were all so motivated by your talk". - Kirsten Nordlof  (Finance Vice President  at Autodesk)

"Steve's talk was enthralling, engaging and incredibly relevant. Listening to these stories of success against all odds inspired and filled students with untapped promise of their own potential". Jim Gargan (East Glendalough School TY Coordinartor)

"Stephen Kiernan is an ordinary individual with an extraordinary talent.  I recently had the good fortune to attend one of his talks and his ability to capture and hold his audience's attention is uncanny.  Through the medium of straight talking and real life stories of human achievement Stephen paints a picture of perseverance over adversity that can only inspire even the most skeptical and self doubting among us." – Ken Coldrick (Founder of International Financial Systems limited)

“Stephen's ability to communicate powerful ideas in an inspiring way is excellent. His style of presentation is articulate and clear and the overwhelming impression is one of encouragement and a hugely positive outlook on our potential”. – Ronan Swift (St. Columba’s College Teacher)

"Stephen's talk was both engaging and entertaining for the students. They left feeling motivated and with a better idea of how to set achievable goals for themselves. Unlike a lot of talks in Transition Year which focus on one career or topic, Stephen's talk was more general which meant there was something in it for everyone". Marie Lonergan (Loreto Abbey Dalkey TY Coordinator)

“The feedback from your talk was incredible. I'm blown away at how much the team enjoyed it. Despite my best efforts, I failed to extract any criticism or areas for you to improve on" - Bernard Fennessy (Jobs club Coordinator) 


“Stephen's talk was really relevant to loads of the things I want to achieve in my life. It was inspiring and gave me plenty of reasons to feel positive about myself and my goals” – Fred Morris ( Irish U18 Hockey international)


“Brilliant talk in IT Tallaght the other night. I came away feeling really inspired, well-done Stephen!! So looking forward to your book” – Sandra O’Neill

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