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TY Workshops

The Brilliant Mondays TY Workshop 

Duration  2 Hours

Drawing on the material from his book 'Brilliant Mondays - How Ordinary People Achieve Extraordinary Things'. 

The Brilliant Monday’s TY Workshop has been created by Stephen to help guide students through the principles of the book and how to apply them for best results. It is delivered in a positive, fun and encouraging environment. 

Through the vehicle of storytelling, Stephen gives powerful examples that compel the students to believe in themselves and their ability to grow and succeed if they just try.

This workshop always follows the same structure as the book - with Stephen highlighting each of the four main principles he found his interviewees had in common:

               Vision - Planning & Strategy - Resilience - Continuous Improvement

The Brilliant Monday’s workshop has been delivered in schools by Stephen in almost every county in Ireland.

Breakdown of the workshop:


  • 2 hours long

  • Students are divided into groups of 5/6

  • Stephen delivers four inspiring stories of Ordinary people achieving Extraordinary things

  • Groups are given task/activities in between each story to ensure students understand the concepts and can apply to their own goals. 

  • The value of a ‘Breakthrough Goal’ is highlighted and students are encouraged to set one.

  • Students receive a template that helps them to easily structure and set a Breakthrough Goal

The Brilliant Mondays Breakthrough Challenge Video Series

Breakthrough Challenge Video

Breakthrough Template


Planning & Strategy Video

Resilience Video

Continuous Improvement Video

Breakthrough Sample

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